What’s In Your Hand?

He’s trudging along, dejected and forlorn. He’s just spent the better part of the morning running like his life depends on it. Wait, his life does depend on it! If those people in search of him ever find him, it’s his head on a stake. And all for what sef?

He’d killed a man. He shuddered at the self-disgust. He’d taken the life of another back at home, and had lost everything because of that. He was a prince, now condemned to live as an outlaw for the rest of his life. He wasn’t perfect, thanks to this horrible temper of his, but everyone knew he was a good man, and all he ever wanted was for everyone to be happy. It riled him when people were cheated or treated unjustly. He just couldn’t take it. That’s why when he saw that Egyptian beating the Hebrew guy, almost like he wanted to take his life, he knew he just had to save him. Now the Egyptian was dead, and he had blood on his hands. Nobody, not even the Hebrew guy he saved could come to his rescue. Life was truly a bitch.

Wait, what was that in the distance? Fire, hmmm. This was strange, it was fire all right, in the middle of the bush, and yet nothing was consumed. The fire just kept right on burning, not destroying anything. Didn’t they say that wonders started and ended in Egypt, with the pyramids and phoenix? Well this here was a wonder, and it wasn’t in Egypt.

Then he heard his name, and most of us know about Moses and his encounter at the Burning Bush, thanks to Bible Knowledge teachers. But I’m more interested in a few details, like when God gave him the assignment. First thing he did was give an excuse, “I’m a stammerer”. Because awesome as we all are, we have weaknesses. What’s that term? Perfect Imperfection. Yep. That sums us up very aptly.

But notice that that didn’t deter God. Instead He asked him what I consider the most important question mankind must answer, “What do you have in your hand?”  Yes you have a horrid past. Yes, you’re just a living bundle of weakness. You’re not the life of the party, you’re not witty or pretty. Yes, you’re broker than an old school pastor, and maybe you tell more lies than many new school ones. But sit down, think deep, and tell me what you have in your hand. In Moses’ case, it was a rod, and God showed him how powerful that rod was. It parted the Red Sea, that rod. It pulled some crazy stunts in front of Pharaoh that scared the man. All in all, it got his mission accomplished, that rod. The rod in his hand.

Look, it’s not a lie that “impossible” is a myth. Maybe things are tough because you haven’t answered the ultimate question, or maybe you know what’s in your hand, but like Moses, you’re doing nothing with it. That’s until God pointed it out to him. Sorry love, but these days nobody has time to point anything out to anybody. You have to simply wake up! Don’t let anybody tell you you’re disadvantaged. No matter what you have done or where you’ve been, all that’s important is this moment and what you make of it with regard to your future.

People come from jail to become presidents. People go from shoeless to national heroes. People go from dumpster cleaners to multi millionaires. From hungry models to successful bloggers. I could go on, but you already know. Nothing is impossible. You can be ANYTHING you want, as long as you’re adding value to mankind and following the Creator’s guidelines, it won’t be long before they’re screaming your name.

Have a phenomenal week.

Peace and love and blessings


Written by Urigi