Hello there

The first week of 2015 is over, and there’s so much hustling to do. The harmattan doesn’t make it any easier, and so my current BFF is my Aloe Vera lip balm from Forever Living. I’m particularly thankful for the progress I’ve made in the last few days. It’s all coming together, and very soon you’ll be proud of me too. Like that political party whose logo is a broom and whose slogan is change, a lot is going to be changing around here as well.

There’ll be time to tell you all about it, but let’s always remember, that the spirit of this blog is personal responsibility as a lifestyle. It is understanding that we are solely responsible for the outcomes of our lives, that we are only as wealthy as our experiences in life, and that our experiences are a direct product of our choices as individuals. I have one cryptic smile on my face, it just came now, and somehow I know everything is going to be just fine.

So two days ago, I was nominated to a challenge. Apparently, it’s a popular thing these days, and I’m supposed to start by expressing my gratitude to the blogger who nominated me. So I’d like to thank Clara, my old school girl and new friend, for not only nominating me but also for introducing me to a couple of new blogs through her blog.

Next, I’m to share seven things about myself. Okay, here we go:

  • I’m one of those people that’s referred to as “all-round Nigerian”. My dad is from Kano State in the North, my mum is from Delta State in the South, and I was born and bred in the West. Not just that, I understand (in bits and pieces) the Efik dialect, the Igbo language, the Hausa language and my mother’s dialect, which is a fall out from the Igbo language. I also understand the Yoruba language. I speak it so well that most people think I’m Yoruba, and I don’t tell them they’re wrong. I gave myself a Yoruba name, and in some circles I am known as Omolola. Hehehe.
  • I am right handed, but I use my left hand just as much and just as well.
  • I am one of those very creative types. It’s one of the things I love most about myself, but anyone who is familiar with creative types knows that the downside to their creativity is a certain type of restlessness, unpredictability and mood swings. But relax, the fact that I’m unpredictable gives me a certain mystery, which they tell me is quite exotic, and I agree (flicks imaginary curl).
  • I love love love my own company. Kai! It’s a big deal. In the days when I used to drink wine, I’d invest in chocolate and a good bottle of wine, sometimes maybe three, and just sit in my room, armed with a good book or a nice movie, lock the door and not come out for 36 hours. Sometimes more. These days though, there’s no more wine drinking, but I still do the thing. And when there’s no book or movie, I enter my head instead and think.
  • I believe there’s more than one way to do anything. One time, I’d just joined an organization, a publishing firm, as Managing Editor. I took the job because it offered me the opportunity to help create the kind of books I liked to read. The company was also branching out into consulting at the time that I came in, and so I was asked to use my sales and marketing experience to develop a marketing strategy for the new venture. I had a partner, a nice girl named Nancy. She was those efficient types who followed laid down process. And me, I was the exact opposite, and we were going to work together. So you can imagine the initial friction that we would experience. After a while though, after many conversations in which she would firmly say to me, “That’s how the boss said we should do it”, or “that’s the way we do it here”, I had to sit her down and tell her quite firmly too, that there’s no one way to do anything. The only destination that has one route is heaven. That’s what I believe, but there are millions who don’t agree, so even that is debatable. Anyway, I’m that flexible. We made the best of the assignment sha. It was after all the bottom line.
  • I’m crazy about books, but you know that already. I love shoes just as much. And because I’m more or less a hermit, I hardly ever wear the shoes I buy. After some time I give them out and fall in love with new ones and buy them, and utility is perpetually at its minimum. I think I should date someone who enjoys going out. Maybe that would help.
  • I love noodles. The Indomie brand. I could eat it every day, no questions asked. I’ve done noodles every day for two weeks, ask our house help.

Finally, I’m to list 15 blogs I’ve been introduced to lately. That’s tough, because they’re not up to 15, but I’ll just list them anyway.

Ok! I’m so done. We need to talk about my 2015 goals o. Somebody needs to hold me accountable. But that’s another post, another day. I’m exhausted, but happy. It was a productive day, productive week.

Y’all have a fabulous weekend.

Be great, always


Written by Urigi