It’s my birthday, like you already know and I thought I’d do something different for a change.

So late last year, I went book scouting with my brother. And I bought a second copy of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half Of A Yellow Sun, mostly because it had a different cover from the one I bought long ago, and for a minute I thought it was a revised copy. And because I love all things Chimamanda, I bought the book without thinking about it.


I’ve had the one on the right for ages, the one on the left (see how pretty it looks) is the new one. Anyway, I thought I’d give the new one out. But there has to be some kind of challenge tied to it. Since the idea of the blog is to inspire and motivate, let’s all come up with that one experience (doesn’t have to be your firsthand experience, but it has to be a real life one) that inspired you, that was like a defining moment in your life. If it inspired you, it will inspire someone else, right? So the most inspiring experience will get the book, and I promise to send it to you even if you are in Russia.

20150122_154450 see how pretty she looks, a definite keeper. Lol

Let’s keep them coming, thank you very much.

Be great, you don’t have a choice o.

Love love love



Written by Urigi