Relax! You Have My Permission

Lately I’ve been reading a lot. It’s one of the many things I’m happy about this year – I’ve upped my reading game seriously. I’ve read a lot of non fiction, which I’ve loved and learned from, and I’ve read even more articles online. That’s where I’m headed-the articles online.

It’s true that you can learn anything online: engineering; how to be a good writer, how to make bombs; how to get ten thousand Instagram followers in one; how to nurse heartbreak; how to grow your business; how to be great even. The list is endless. So I’ve been reading cool stuff. Ten things that will make you successful. Twenty five things to do to grow your blog. How to stop procrastinating. How to be a morning person (not sure I want to become a morning person sha). Fifteen types of people not to do business with.


It can be…no, it is overwhelming, all these how-to articles clamouring for your attention and fighting for choice positions in your mind. I know I was overwhelmed, because I got push notifications on my phone for some of them, and I would hurriedly declutter my environment just so I could settle down and digest the thing. Well, I suffered constipation, because just before I’d digested one article I’d be chewing on another.

I’m pressured by the weight of my dreams already. I’m pressured by several responsibilities. I’m pressured by the gravity-defiant dollar. I’m pressured by the fiery Lagos sun. So you see, I’m swimming in a sea of pressure. I want to be great, these articles say they will show me how. But what they’re really doing is adding to my deluge of pressures, and not letting me breathe.

So I’ve decided to breathe. I’m not waiting for permission, I’m giving myself permission to be in the moment, to enjoy the process as much as I can. To savour every tiny bit of this journey to greatness that I’m on. I’m taking permission to pat myself on the back, because right here, and right now, I’m doing the best I can.

And so should you.

As the month of March gradually winds down, and with it the first quarter of the year, it’s important to remember to pat yourself on the back for doing the best you can (biko let it be that you’re actually doing the best you can, and not lying around waiting for opportunity to meet you in bed). It’s important to take a breather and yet not lose sight of what’s important. If you won’t give yourself permission, then allow me permit you.

Ever hear the story of the ancestor lizard who jumped from a five story building? He looked left and then right. Seeing nobody who would praise him for landing unharmed, he nodded his head, silently praising himself for his incredible achievement. That’s perhaps why lizards nod their heads today.

Be like ancestor lizard. Lol!

Be great!

P.S. How are you? The hustle tried to keep me AWOL, but I’m here now. I cannot explain it, but I keep thinking about having a daughter, and all the things I can’t wait to tell her. Show her. Teach her. Share with her. So I penned a letter to her, this girl whose daddy I haven’t even met. I’ll share with you sometime soon. Does anyone else do weird things like this? I’d love to hear it, please share with me.

Written by Urigi