Yes o! For the love of books. I apologise for the long silence. When you start a business, you’re first your own marketer, administrator, assistant, business development exec, etcetera etcetera. You’re everything. And if you’re like me, you also hold employment with another organization. It can be overwhelming, trust me.

But I’m working on effective time management, because this is important to me. So yeah.

How’ve you been though? It’s March already! *eyes widen in shock. Hmmmm, it is well. The way the year is flying by ehn, only God will see us through.

Here’s wishing you a phenomenal week. Smash em, break plenty legs. Break hands too, but be ready to pay hospital fees. Lol

And yeah, buy someone a book, will you? Speaking of books, Clara won the book challenge, of course by default, because y’all would rather send me email than comment on the blog. So I’ll be sending her her book this week, so help me God.

Shine bright like a diamond…



Written by Urigi