Olajumoke’s Cinderella Story: A Lesson on Diligence

So I’m an unashamed LIB addict. Hermit like me, I gotta know what’s going on in the world without leaving the shell na. And it’s not enough to rely on newspapers, they rarely have juicy stuff. It’s still the same old stories revolving around heads of state who suffer wanderlust, failing economies, and exchange rates that defy gravity on a phenomenal scale.


It was on LIB I read about the beautiful bread seller who had photo-bombed Tiny Tempah on the set of his photo shoot. I took a second look at the photo of this girl, in her flowing red dress that looked like it was made with her in mind, who in spite of the wooden tray of bread on her head seemed to sashay her way into the photo, owning it, the man Tiny thus relegated to photo-bomber. I thought dismissively to myself, what were the odds that this girl who clearly looks like she belongs on the cover of Genevieve will be found? What were the odds that another LIB (or another blog) reader would find her and take her to TY Bello? Slim chance. Okay, on to the next piece of gist. But to my surprise, she was found maybe twenty four hours later, and we all know the rest of the story.


Like almost every business, career or line of work, selling bread requires daily consistency. For Olajumoke, it meant that she would go every morning to the bakery after which she would proceed to the streets to hawk. She would have to show up daily, or lose the confidence of her customers. Life couldn’t have been easy for her, but life isn’t easy for anyone, including Dangote. It requires us to consistently push, diligently show up, day in day out. And one day, the Universe will smile down on all our efforts. Everybody wishes for an Olajumoke moment, but not everyone deserves it, just as not everyone will get it. Imagine that she was too tired to go hawking on the day of the shoot, and she gave herself a much needed break.

Reminds me of Cinderella, just doing her thing until her date with destiny. there’s also the story of the biblical Joseph, from the prison to the palace. It takes a lifetime to prepare for that one date with destiny, a lifetime of diligently showing up to the occasion that’s life.

I saw with excitement on LIB, a confident Olajumoke strutting her stuff on the runway for the first time. There’s no stopping her. Let me sign off by praying that we all get our Olajumoke moments, may we speedily cross paths with our TY Bellos, and may we find grace to pursue purpose with diligence and consistency. May we do well, all that our hands find to do. Amen.

Be great!

Written by Urigi