“…exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think”

Early in the year, my daily commute to the office consisted a two hour, thirty minute journey – more than enough time to not only commune with the Padre, but to ruminate. Who is surprised? I already told you I spend a great amount of time in my head. I’m not driving anyway, so I don’t have to worry about the roads. I just enter my head instead, and pick a topic and deeply meditate on it. This one time, the words above kept playing in my head. Over and over, they wouldn’t stop, until I could almost see them. And then I saw… The words above, my friends, are a blank cheque.

I can’t tell how many times I’ve heard jokes about blank cheques; either the giving of it or the receiving. I’m sure that blank cheques have been the object of a great many daydreams, night dreams and even lucid dreams. Hehehe! My point is there is nothing quite as heaven sent as good money, lots of it. Don’t take my word for it, just ask Oprah, or Aliko. Nope, no such thing as too much money. Even the Bible says money answers all things, but I digress.

What I’d really love to focus on is the personality behind the cheque. I could give you a blank cheque and you’d slap me with the slight piece of paper, or maybe something heavier, but that’s only because it’s me, and my cheques may not be worth much, if anything at all. But then, if it were Oprah, you’d probably want to give a testimony in church, throw a party and invite everyone who knows your name, even the ones who never gave you the time of day. Especially those ones. Your Facebook status would read, “Levels don change” or something similar. But please be sure to cash the cheque before doing any of the above. Teehee.

Take a second to imagine then, that the issuer of this cheque is God. Yep, the same One. Limitless, timeless, ageless, changeless I Am. The Essence and the Source of all life. I could go on, but by now I’m sure you get the idea. So He issues this blank cheque, which means it doesn’t only cover money, but everything else that He stands for, and when you think about it, the least of all of these things is money. He tells you, “I know you have needs, and I’m committing to give you not just everything that you want, but even the ones that your mind can conceive, no matter how far-fetched or preposterous. You’re My child, and I love you, so I won’t turn down anything you request. If you can dream it, child, I got it.”

I don’t know about you, but this blows my mind. How can I know this and still worry about anything? The hustle might be real, but this is the realest. I like to call it hard core truth, because the harshest of realities pales in light of this one truth. And I find that when you really think about it, He’s not kidding. It is we who have a problem dreaming, because somehow, in our minds, we’ve put a limit on God. This also puts a lid on the requests we make, because we think, “How do I pray for such and such? Nobody in my family has ever done this, or had that, or bought this. Who am I?”

We forget that He’s promised us what “…eye hath not seen, nor ear heard…” In my book this means, innovation, newness, the kind that’s never before been seen or heard. Basically the best of the best.

I have rambled the past hour, in the hopes of achieving two things: I’m hoping to get you to take the limits off God, to make you see that He’s truly limitless. All your limitations don’t make Him less God. The cheque is yours, whether you decide to cash it or not. Also, I’m hoping to get you to dream big dreams. The bigger the better. Like the words of a song, “…If you dream, you’re halfway to destiny, because dreamers are unstoppable.” By all means my friend, dream. And cash that cheque.

Be great.




Written by Urigi