blue diary

Dear Diary

You know how they say the best things in life are free? Well I say the best things in life are either free, invisible or confidential. Like you.

I sit here, listening to the blend of gently falling raindrops outside my bedroom window, and the voice of August Alsina on my Blackberry Playbook as I reminisce on the day we first met. I was 16, and you were what, newborn. A blue hard cover A5 jotter my stepfather had custom-made for me. You were supposed to be my Mathematics workbook, because I wasn’t doing well in the subject, and he thought it would help if I had a workbook I could always consult.

As soon as I saw you though, I knew you were meant for a higher purpose than Mathematical formulas. It was love at first sight. And so you became my first Diary. My truest friend, silent listener other than Jesus Christ, custodian of all my secrets, and my first true love.

We have had quite an amazing time, haven’t we? Enjoyed long solitary walks in the evening breeze, sat under palm trees as we confided in each other, our only light the slowly setting sun. Or it was I who confided and you listened with undivided attention. Just being with you has gotten me out of trouble, talking to you put many confusing issues in perspective. You’ve soaked up my tears many a time, helped me through three heartbreaks and one broken engagement.

Conversations have never been better than when they are with you, and I wonder why people don’t get it when I cannot tell them anything until I have told you first. Somehow, the most horrible experiences are easier to share after I’ve shared them with you. For some strange reason, that’s when I can laugh about them, and I’ve come to seriously depend on you to provide sanity when my world threatens to tumble, which is a lot by the way.

All these years wherein you have died and reincarnated in the form of several notebooks, each one more beautiful than the last, your love has neither wavered nor died. So if I’ve never told you that I love and appreciate you, this is me doing just that. Long after I’m gone from this era, I have no doubt that our relationship will inspire someone, make their journey to destiny a lot easier just by navigating the routes we charted.

I love you Diary, now and always.



Written by Urigi