I Cannot Think Of A Title

It is 4:28AM

I’ve just finished a pile of work. I’m lying here in the dark, torn between another hour of work and the sleep that my body craves. No, I’ll ruminate instead.

And let my gratitude wash over me, wave after massive wave.

I’m grateful that this website is back up. It’s been a vicious battle with the hackers, and I’m just grateful it’s over.

I’m thankful to be alive, obviously. That one is on everybody’s gratitude list abi? Yesterday my friend was recounting how she lost first her younger sister and then her mother, in the space of two months. And as the tears fell freely down my fat cheeks, it occurred to me how incredibly blessed I am to be alive and well, family intact. It’s certainly not because anybody is more deserving than another. So, I’m grateful for life.

I’m thankful that I’m smashing those goals. Not without blood, sweat and tears, but smashing all the same. So far, so good. I’m grateful for the drive, and the tenacity I didn’t know I had. It’s true that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

That brings me to this one. I’m grateful for the best support system ever. As in, I no even know how to talk am. The gratitude cannot be put into words. But it’s there. A biiiig wave, almost drowning me and my inner surf board. I’m so awed because it could only be God who put together my support system. Nothing I have ever done could make me deserving of this gift. Yes, I’m very grateful. And I cannot wait to pay it forward.

I’m grateful to be living the life of my dreams. It involves insomnia and Irish Cream, and some days I don’t see the sun. But I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m thankful for answered prayers and the gift of an inner witness. Hmm. I will tell a story. On the day that Kachikwu announced the N145 thingy, I had gone to find fuel in the morning, armed with a 32 litre keg that I never use, well because it’s not mine. For some reason I used it that morning. I’d planned to buy 15 litres only, but for some reason the guy convinced me to buy double the quantity, even if I had to go back home for more money. By evening, Kachikwu had made his announcement.

You see, I’ve had to live the past three days running my generator, because a PHCN man got electrocuted and somehow I should pay for his death. If not for that inner witness, I shudder to think what electricity would have cost me the last three days. I’m grateful for that. In a few hours I shall be making my first purchase of PMS at the new price, and I’m just so grateful that I can afford it.

Finally, I’m grateful for you. You actually think your data is well spent when you come here to read.

Thank you.

It is 5:07AM

Written by Urigi