Happy Thank You More Please

Ever met someone who never says thank you, please, I’m sorry? It’s not that they’re bad people, they just don’t think it’s such a big deal. They think they do a good enough job of showing appreciation or remorse with their actions, so there’s no need to say it. They’ll even tell you talk is cheap, and remind you of the very wise saying that actions speak louder than words. And they’re correct, but these special people are seldom wrong, lol, at least not in their opinion. We’ve all met them, dated them or we’re even related to them. They’re not bad people, they just find it easy to take people and things for granted. No biggie. That’s their lingo.

This one time, I used to be the Admin officer at my old church, and I was very close to my pastor at the time. He was everything I aspired to be. He was young, successful, deeply spiritual, happily married and very wise. Anyway, as is the case if you’re a church folk like I was, he was a very important part of my life, and not in any inappropriate way, before eyebrows start raising. Call him a mentor if you will. So that’s why when something happened, something related to that almost wedding I sometimes talk about, I expected him to have my back, but alas, it wasn’t so. In his defense, maybe he had my back but didn’t show it in the way I expected him to.

I talked to someone about it, and as is typical of church folk, they took it back to him. I’ll never forget what he said when he called me. “Is it true B that you’re angry with me?” To which I replied in the negative. I wasn’t angry. Disappointed was more like it. Then he proceeded to explain to me a Yoruba proverb. I forget it now, but basically it means that people are most likely to take for granted the ones closest to them, and that was his apology, which I graciously refused to accept, in my mind, of course.

Enough ranting. But how is a person happy if he’s not grateful, if he takes things for granted? How can we not be grateful to be alive, even without a job, but alive still? Yesterday a small boy was crushed to death by a trailer on his way home from school. He was no more than ten years old, his only offence crossing the road. For that he got his life crushed out of him. It happened on my street, it’s not something I read off a blog. How can I not be grateful that I have food to eat, even if it’s only one meal a day? My friend Alexis met a woman late at night who’d trekked a long way just to beg for money to feed her four children. How can anyone take it for granted that they have a job? If you have ever seen the long queue of young people in front of a factory, applying for casual worker jobs sometimes in the rain, and let me remind you that some of them are graduates more intelligent than you, how can you not want to say a silent thank you to whatever force is responsible for your good fortune?

Some of us erroneously think we deserve the life that we have. If you have got it good, you deserve it. Your ancestors were good people, close to the gods so they favoured them. The ones who have it rough deserve it too. There has got to be something they or their forefathers did wrong that they’re suffering for, so you cannot be bothered. I laugh in Swahili. Just as I pray fervently that the tables not turn against you. Or maybe it should, hehehe. Maybe if you felt the pinch of the other side of the coin, maybe it would help open your eyes to the concept of grace and the magnanimity of this concept. If you had obnoxious friends, you’d be glad you had people to call friends at all. Trust me when I tell you that some don’t have that luxury.

Let’s all cultivate the art of gratitude, please. If you’re having the occasional lovers tiff, be glad there’s even a lover to fight. If you need to say sorry to keep that love, say it quick. Think your parents are the limit? Guess what, someone lost their parents to a ghastly accident. What is that situation of adversity, it could be worse. So be thankful it’s not. I’m just saying, remove those rose tinted glasses for a second and see things and people differently. And be grateful for every single thing you’re going through, sweet and sour.

Have an awesometastic weekend, as shall I. I shall be partying tonight. I have repented from this hermit way of life, lol. I need to meet people, maybe try romance again, even though the thought is not palatable.

Be great, be grateful, do you

Love love love



Written by Urigi