HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yay! You made it, you totally made it! I made it too, and here we are, in 2015, alive and well, full of food and high on love, hehe. But more than that, blessed with the opportunity to start fresh. Maybe we cannot erase 2014, (God I wish I could) but this is the opportunity to redo, to fine tune and correct 2014.

Personally, I cannot wait. There’s so much to do. My head is vibrating with the ideas I’m going to be painting on this 2015 canvas.  Move over Picasso, Van Gogh and Da Vinci. L’Urigi is here!

How about you? You’ll be great won’t you? I cannot wait to see you blazing those trails. I’m excited, and proud of you in advance. If you’re panicking because you haven’t still figured it out and everyone else around you seems to have it all together, remember two things:

1. Impact first. Beyond the Benjamins you cannot wait to count, there’s something you’re passionate about that will better someone’s life. Take time to find it, and you have found the Benjamins.

2. Remember the race is not to the swift. The sky is wide enough for billions of stars and they don’t have a problem shining away into eternity. So by all means my darling, shine. What’s that Rihanna’s song? Shine Bright Like A Diamond. Oh yeah, Shine away.

Be great, in the New Year



Written by Urigi