Dear November,

How do I welcome you with all these mixed feelings I have? On the one hand, I am glad to have you here, you are proof that 2014 is gradually winding down, and not so subtly either. I’m excited for the endless opportunities that will come with the new beginning that is 2015, and hopefully the realization of one of my many dreams, like the one where Prince Charming finally walks Cinderella down the aisle. Yes, a girl is allowed to dream. I’m also looking forward to seeing Le Boo in under 20 days. Finally, Love across the Sea gets a two-month hiatus and boy am I grateful. Grateful for the best two-month holiday ever, I hope.

On the other hand, I am sad and more than a little alarmed that ten months have come and gone, and my 2014 bucket list is barely halfway checked. Where did all the time go? I mean, I worked so hard this year. Not as hard as 2013, when I worked harder than I ever did in my entire life, harder than most ladies my age. This year, I worked not as hard, but twice as smart. I set many goals, it seems like just yesterday, when I put my pen to paper and made a list of those things I wanted to achieve this year, and I’ve barely done anything about half the list, not for want of effort though, it’s just that you make plans and then life happens, and here we are, in November already.

November also means I’m two months away from another birthday. The clocks are ticking you see, both the biological and the actual. But hey, they say positive vibes. So I’m just going to smile, sip my lemon-flavoured water and count my blessings. It could be worse, really. I mean, not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but as far as achievements go, I haven’t done too badly. Let’s see, seven-digit bank account, automobile (jalopy or not), and the basics of food, clothing and shelter. Maybe not Versace, but at least I’m not without.

Seriously though, these are all the superficial things that would impress the average person. But since I’m slicker than your average, lol, and I’m hoping you are too, dear November, I’ll delve deeper. I’ve been more involved in other lives, more so than ever before. And it’s helped to give my life a deeper meaning. Abeg, let me not bore you with my plenty story, bottom line is that God has been awesome this year, and I owe Him everything. I may not be there yet, but I’m far from where I once was.

So November, this is me asking, no, demanding that you be more supportive than June, August and September, the tricky trio who put me through serious hassle. They refused to deliver my parcels from heaven, you see. It would be great if together we came up with some epic things, like putting finishing touches on, and beginning that manuscript, you know the one. I promise not to take all the credit for the work, and in exchange I’d like you to live up to the name everyone is calling you these days – November To Remember. Just make January jealous, will you?

Thank you, November.



P.S. Would you be so kind as to help deliver those parcels from heaven? I would love that very much, thank you. And while you’re at it, we could use some help with national problems, like bringing back the missing Chibok girls and ending the Boko Haram killing. Thank you.


Written by Urigi