Ever heard the saying “the best thoughts are formed in the bathroom”? Well, from the look of this I think I agree. This is soooo mine, lol. Well, only if you like some alone time now and then. And now you can make it yourself, it’s pretty simple, thanks to Yahoo DIY. If you’re the Barbie type you can get Le Boo to help you out, hehehe.


  • Plank of wood the width of your bathtub
  • Wood finish (Spray)
  • Sand paper
  • copper nails
  • votive cup holder
  • votive candle
  • rubber pads


  • Wood saw
  • Hammer
  • Hot gum machine
  • Soft cloth
  • scissors



  1. Cut the wood to the width of your bath plus 2 inches.
  2. Apply the wood finish. Lucky if you get the spray.
  3. Cut out a square of copper big enough to cover the base of a wine glass plus 1 inch all around
  4. Cut out a ¼ inch slit from the middle of square to the edge of the copper
  5. Nail the 3 other sides of the copper square down to the corner of the bath desk, positioning the opening closest to the bather.
  6. Hot glue the votive cup holder to the left side upper corner
  7. Flip the desk over and hot glue the rubber pads to the outer edges for non-slip
  8. (trim with scissors if necessary)
  9. Add a votive candle to the cup, light it up, pour a glass of your favorite drink and relax!

Culled from Yahoo DIY



Written by Urigi