Looking For Where To Take The Kids This Summer Holidays?


So my friend wanted me to share some info about something that’s coming really soon.

In the bid to increase the quality of our young people (a move Nigeria desperately needs), a group of experts have come together to organise a 1week Youth Camp for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18. Talk about catching them young, hehe.

Youth camps have been around forever, I know, with several institutions organizing them for the young people within their systems. This youth camp however, I’m told it’s the first of its kind, first because it doesn’t seek to correct what’s wrong with the children, but to expose and harness what’s right with them. Wow! They’ll be showing them how to develop their strengths among other fabulous things. I’m very interested in this because it saves these young people the time for experimental experiences, and hopefully shapes their futures early, because within that age bracket, they are at their most impressionable phase ever.


I’m also told Saheela Ibraheem is one of the guest speakers at the event. Saheela is currently a Neurobiology Senior at Harvard University. She was recently named one of the World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers, and U.S. President Obama met and commended her on this feat at a reception celebrating Black History Month.
At just 15 years old, Saheela Ibraheem was accepted into Harvard University, which makes her among the youngest students ever to attend that school. Saheela was accepted at 12 other colleges that same year, including MIT, the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Brown, Princeton, Columbia, and the University of Chicago.

Wow! Double wow!!


Saheela Ibrahim with President Obama and his wife, Michelle.

Hopefully these young ones will be tapping her anointing. They better. Because this is a fantastic, history making event, I’ll be bringing more info from time to time, so that you can encourage the young ones you know to attend. Spread the word, will you? Lol.

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Be great!


Written by Urigi