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allenges. Neither China nor the United States can handle them all by itself, whether the pandemic or climate change or natural disasters. It is the expectation of the international community that China and the Unp

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ited States should work with each other, not against each other, on these global challenges. This is the larger common interest.As for our differences, I have to be very frank that many issues, including those yoq

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u just mentioned, such as the situation across the Taiwan Strait, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and the South China sea, if we look at the map, they are either part of the Chinese territory or very close to China. None of Y

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them is close to the United States. Certainly none of them is part of the US territory. So for us, its a matter of sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity. Sometimes we just dont believe why these im

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ssues should become issues between our two countries. They are internal issues for China. As the Chinese nation strives to achieve modernization, we have to solve the issues concerning our sovereignty and territorial integrity in the process. They are our own affairs. But as I said, we do have a very complex relationship. Sometimes we have disputes over these issues. Fortunately, so far we have managed them quite well. But now the current situation is making us very concerned and even alarmed. There are some clear attempts M

at there will always be differences between us because we are two different coun4

in this country to cross what people call the red line with very serious consequences. So I hope people can really draw experience and good lessons from the past few decades.Secretary Paulson: Mr. Ambassador, thank you very much for that comprehensive answer. Two things I would say, when you talk about areasg


in your region, like Hong Kong and sovereignty, one of the things that tend to divide us is that Americans understand the Chinese sovereignty, for instance, in Hong Kong, but the US side tends to look at it and z

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say, has China breached the agreement they had made? So there are still differences that are not going to be easy to iron out. I think the thing thats important is that the dialogue you and your counterparts haver

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regularly with the top people in the United States. Because I think this is just a very difficult time. And some of these issues, as you say, are intractable and not easy to solve. You mentioned one thing which 8

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really resonated with me, something that would have been unimaginable 20 or 30 years ago, that was during the financial crisis. Ive said the world would have been a very different spot if we hadnt built the const2

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